Generate profits together with Clover PMM

Predict malfunctions in the operation of equipment at power plants. Increase reliability and safety. Reduce downtime, unplanned repairs and fines.
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Clover PMM monitors, predicts and warns of equipment breakage
Clover PMM collects data streams from telemetry sensors on the heat and electric power generation and transmission equipment.

Clover PMM mathematical models analyze the operation of the equipment in conjunction with engineering rules.

The joint work of models, machine learning and artificial intelligence predicts equipment breakdowns and determines their causes.
Collects data
Clover PMM collects data flows from telemetry sensors at energy enterprises
Analyzes parameters
Clover PMM mathematical models combined with engineering rules analyze operation of equipment and external parameters .
Predicts malfunctions and breakdowns
The joint work of mathematical models, machine learning and artificial intelligence lets predict potential breakdowns and their causes.
Clover PMM Capabilities
Predicts breakdowns
Clover PMM effectively tracks anomalies in the operation of equipment and predicts breakdowns
Reduces downtime
Early prediction of breakdowns helps to make decisions on repairs in advance. Clover PMM users reduce downtime by 35-45%
Saves money
The effective forecasts of Clover PMM reduce the cost of equipment repair by 50%
In the power industry, equipment breakdowns and downtime always lead to a sharp increase in unplanned costs. This includes both repair costs and network operator fines. In some cases, funds are also required to compensate for human harm.

A number of companies offer solutions to these problems. But they all rely on human expertise. However, humans are unable to analyze more than 7-10 parameters simultaneously. And in a complex, for example, when analyzing a turbine or a compressor, this approach falls short. Moreover, the expertise some companies possess is limited only to their own equipment.
10 parameters
effectively analyzes people
50+ parameters
provides a standard compressor unit
3+ million parameters
can analyze Clover PMM
Clover PMM solution
Clover PMM relies on two modules: troubleshooting and predictive analytics. The prediction is based on unique MX-models (Math eXperience). For the development of models, physical and mathematical modeling, machine learning, and expert-engineer rule-packages were used.
Unlike other models, instead of a single node, MX-models describe a set of equipment. Thus, the MX model of the gas turbine unit from Clover takes into account the parameters of all the structural elements of the installation as a whole as well as the parameters of the environment.
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Advantages of Clover PMM
Hybrid mathematical models
Describe sets of interrelated equipment
Machine learning
Analyzes large data streams and detects non-obvious relationships
Predictive Analyst
Predicts breakdowns on the horizon up to 3 months
Integration into IT systems
Easily integrated into any enterprise management software and process
User-friendly format
The solution provides results in convenient graphs, tables and visual reports
Rapid implementation
Implementation takes 3-6 months, and the effect of the work becomes noticeable after 3-4 months
Clover PMM for the Power Industry
In the power industry, most analytical solutions are based on human expertise. Instead of machine learning and artificial intelligence, the reliance is on expert development, and some companies request for analytics only on their own equipment.

Clover PMM focuses on a variety of kinds, types and brands of equipment. Models are developed jointly with specialized scientific institutions. The Clover solution is flexibly oriented to the tasks of customers on the interface and functionality.
One of the key tasks of Clover PMM in power companies is the creation of a system to support management decision-making with respect to assets.
Real conditions for machine learning
Mathematicians and engineers, production experts and programmers summarized the theory, general prediction methods, probabilistic estimations, added expert rule packages and made the mathematical modeling tool workable, accurate and convenient.
Generators, gas turbine plants, compressors – Clover PMM "knows" the peculiarities of dozens of types of equipment.
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Analyzed equipment
Gas turbine plant
Heat-recovery boiler
Turbo feed-pump
Gas Turbine Plant
At one of the client's enterprises, they could not identify the problem that regularly disrupted the gas turbine plant. With the equipment having been purchased in Spain, its repairs cost a serious amount. For example, the cost of the work of the chief engineer exceeded EUR 10,000 per day. Clover specialists were given the task to identify the problem and optimize the operation of the equipment.
Clover experts built a full model for the entire plant, which included separate models for the generators, gas turbine, reduction unit and cooling system. The entire solution employed 24 parameters to monitor the equipment.

When the models were introduced, experts found abnormal points of temperature regimes affecting the operation of gas burners. Temperature jumps also provoked increased wear of the blades, which led to an uncharacteristic vibration of the bearings.
The bearing failure was detected a month before the anticipated event
The introduction of Clover PMM helped find the reasons for the equipment repair and identify the units requiring replacement or additional maintenance.

Clover PMM helps prevent emergencies at the enterprise, thereby reducing the risks of employee health damages.
Clover team
27 mathematicians and engineers
develop physical and mathematical models for each type of equipment, study the boundary processes
28 programmers
create software that integrates into the IT-infrastructure of the production company
13 industry experts
study the equipment and submit their expert advice to mathematicians, business analysts in the building stages of the MX-models
53 scientific institutions
advise on sophisticated equipment of the oil industry, including the machine learning process
Your benefits with Clover PMM
Reduction of equipment downtime
Reduction of equipment-repair costs by up to 50%
Improved management efficiency
Warehouse inventory optimization
Reduction of penalties and compensation payments
Increase between overhaul period and time between failures